atlantic summit 2020 synthesis

Identify as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community
Identify as having a disability
Identify as having lived experience of mental health struggle
Identify as having lived experience with mental illness
78% of delegates in Atlantic Canada attributed youth mental health struggle to academic stressors.

80% said there is a lack of knowledge about the signs and symptoms of mental health struggle.

78% said stigma prevented people from seeking help.


74% said young people find it challenging to navigate the mental health system.


76% cited wait times as a barrier to help seeking.


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Jack Chapters → Bring lasting change to your community by starting or joining a Jack Chapter. Reach out to to get the ball rolling.

Jack Talks → Talks provide young people with the education to recognize signs of struggle and route people to the support they need. You can bring one to your community, host a Virtual Jack Talk, or become a Jack Talks speaker at

Do Something → The mental health movement is shaping systems, smashing stigma, and so much more. Every action is essential. Start a Do Something initiative in your community.


Be There → People are getting better at speaking up about struggle, but too few of us know how to give that essential support. Be There exists to guide you through the basics. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, get started at

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