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This year has been like no other. Our environments, communities, and routines have changed drastically.


We’ve dealt with new challenges and stresses while adapting to a new normal that’s never really felt normal. And yet, as mental health has been challenged like never before, we have remained a united front, undivided in our goal to make mental health a national, urgent priority.  We’ve brought together community members to talk about the most pressing issues of our time. We’ve spread the word about the nuances of providing mental health support. We’ve shone a light on the prevalence of stigma, and spoken up about the challenges in accessing mental health support. We’ve harnessed this time of crisis as a catalyst for change and made headway against all odds. Our mission is clear. And the need for change is more important than ever.


We stand undivided, ready to make change, to raise our voices, to usher in a new era where mental health is treated as the priority it is.

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À nos ami.e.s francophones:


L'événement se déroulera en anglais, mais nos collègues francophones seront là pour vous épauler en cas de besoin. Si vous avez des questions qui ont plus faciles à demander en français, faites-nous en part à

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